Comment Insanity and Romain Grosjean is not Crazy

by Chuck Tolsma on January 8, 2013

Comment Insanity:

Last week I started reading comments on the racing blogs, forums, and news stories on the interwebs. This is a fun way to learn the meaning behind the word “troll.” It seems that if someone has a bone to pick with a driver and their fans that the internet is the place they go to release their vitriol.

Fortunately, I’ve been well schooled by one of my Twitter friends, Pressdog, who reminds me and others to follow this simple rule: DON’T ENGAGE THE CRAZIES. I understand this wisdom completely now. Responding to these people just fuels their fire – and facts be damned.

I’ve decided to continue reading the comments sections on the internet (as depressing as they can be) to pick up on what fans are talking about. Unfortunately the majority of the discussion seems to be dominated by a few vocal trolls. That’s sad. Talking about racing should be fun.


Scott Zipadelli was named crew chief at Turner Scott Motorsports and will work with Justin Allgaier in the NASCAR Nationwide Series.

Brandon Benesch will spot for Danica Patrick, Keith Barnwell will spot for Jeff Burton, Mike Herman Jr. will spot for Martin Truex, Jr., and Derek Kneeland will spot for Juan Pablo Montoya says Lee Spencer.


The Nation Science Foundation and Dr. Diandra explain NASCAR Tires and Pressure in a video. You’ll learn there is no “air pressure” in race tires.

Learn how to build an F1 car at home. Not really, but another interesting technology piece by BBC F1 technical analyst, Gary Anderson.

Jimmie Johnson has the odds working for him reports Terry Blount.

Brant James takes you behind the scenes with Danica Patrick at the GoDaddy Bowl. This was one of the best articles I’ve read lately.

Bob Pockrass writes that Tony Stewart and Kasey Kahne are entered in the Chili Bowl. And it’s not a football game.

Romain Grosjean – “I am not crazy” from an ESPN F1 story.

And that pretty much sums it up. Comments anyone?

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