Daytona Sprint Cup Testing Complete – Charlotte Next

by Chuck Tolsma on January 13, 2013

Daytona Sprint Cup testing wrapped on Saturday with another day of single car runs from the remaining drivers. Several teams left the test on Friday after a large crash during drafting left a dozen race cars demolished or badly damaged.

There seems to be a shortage of parts and fully built Gen 6 cars that are ready. Several drivers hinted that they had to be cautious for this reason.

So what have we learned? Not much really. The teams spent very little time in actual drafts that would simulate race conditions. That’s understandable considering the short supply of Gen 6 race cars. In the Friday draft sessions it appeared that the car was more unstable. Two cars had spins without being touched. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. mentioned that the bumpers of the new cars don’t match up, especially with the Fords.

The amount of time the teams spent drafting presented such a small sample size that it’s hard to judge what will happen in race conditions.

Sprint Cup testing will continue this week with a 2-day test at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The test will be open to the public. There will be no TV coverage for the test.


Takuma Sato has signed an IndyCar deal with AJ Foyt Racing and will drive the number 14. This surprised a few people to say the least. Sato is known for his impatience when closing races but also for his speed.


Gary Anderson continues his series on how to make an F1 car.

Kyle Busch inks 3-year deal with Joe Gibbs Racing.

Danica Patrick got off to a quick start at the Daytona test.

Time for Charlotte!

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