Update on the New Nascar.com Website

by Chuck Tolsma on February 8, 2013

Back in in early January, I wrote about the new nascar.com website. The main issues I noted back then were that the site seemed bloated and over-designed. Since then, NASCAR listened to some of the problems the fans brought up and fixed a few issues.

That said, the site has gotten progressively worse in several areas:

  • Pages load extremely slowly.
  • Site inaccessible at times.
  • Missing images.
  • Missing videos.
  • Missing driver profiles.
  • No RSS feed.
  • No way to sign in.
The new nascar.com website

The new nascar.com website

Today I went to the site to read about the NASCAR Hall of Fame induction ceremony. I pretty much had problems with every issue that I’ve noted in the above list. I even tried the site on other browsers with no luck.

I sincerely hope NASCAR can get these problems fixed. It’s only a few days until The Sprint Unlimited at Daytona. How many new fans will jump onto the site for information on this race and the Daytona 500?

Time is running out NASCAR. Get the website fixed.

Note: As I was completing this post, the website finally loaded properly (after having problems much of the day.)

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